I fell in love with photography as a little boy when my brother received a Russian Zenit as a gift. I would borrow it whenever I had a chance. I was so passionate about taking photos of imagery I was eager to memorize. This childlike wonder is still one of the most important elements of my approach to photography because it allows me to be spontaneous. And spontaneity is one of the most prominent features of my works. A moment of a phantasmagorical beauty that can disappear within a blink of an eye is my Holy Grail. Today, when focused on the light, exposure and depth of field, I am being extra careful not to ignore that little boy’s attentive look waiting in anticipation for that special moment.
Photographing books and eco-products in various settings at my full-time job has given me an opportunity to further enhance my photography skills. When taking these photographs, I keep looking for a hidden message. I explore natural materials like wood, paper, rocks and admire their beauty… the craftsmanship, design details…
But the circus and the theatre are my biggest passions. I guess that they arise from my dedication to ‘that special moment’. The stage is alive! It changes constantly, even when it looks peaceful and static. The poetry of movement, the magical interplay of light and shade, unexpected shifts and expected surprises, inspiration… The theatre is my spiritus movens and the circus is my inspiration and my home.
That is why, every photograph I take is a showcase of the circus, wonder, joy and exhilaration – elements that have drawn me to photography in the first place when I was still a boy. I would really like my photographs to be observed with those playful eyes of a child, unburdened by thinking and analysing. Just pure emotion!